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Its through the buyer mistakenly providing an incorrect tracking number which led to this as the tracked item should have been automatically received and payments exchanged. Mercedes-AMG A For good reason, I appreciate that. What do I do if my eBay Bucks Certificate isn't available at checkout?

No, eBay Bucks are earned solely on the item price. How is the base earn amount determined for a qualifying purchase? Here are five guidelines: You will not be returning anything.

Sign in or Create an account. I used to have to do a partial refund when it overcharged them for shipping, but that was many years ago. Answer Centre: Keep it conversational.

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If a buyer tries to get a partial refund tell them they get a full refund when the item is returned. Your Bucks certificate will appear by the item subtotal. If your certificate isn't available at checkout, follow these steps: Good deal?

Is it a yearly thing you have to sign up for? I issue partial shipping refunds all the time.

Return Shipping for Up to 12 PayPal Purchased Items (Up to $30/claim)

Deal Alerts. The internet is a big place Transaction Rewards means a dollar amount which may be calculated and presented in USD or CAD which will be given in the form of an eBay Bucks Certificate and will be attributed to the Eligible Participant's eBay account upon the following criteria: Talk to your accountant if there's any doubt as to whether you should or should not be paying taxes on your eBay earnings.

I'm a bit confused. I highly doubt I will use ebay again. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Can I give or sell my eBay Bucks Certificate to another member? LinkedIn Facebook Twitter.

It’s seller beware as eBay’s buyer guarantee is exploited by scammers

Feb 24, 6: Is a registered member of www. Hopefully this answers the ongoing flow of repeated questions. Your eBay Bucks certificate is valid for 30 days. Guess what he received? By opting out, you forfeit all accumulated Rewards. This question is not still relevant? Do you mean.