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Technical Report. Source of typical values is SeismoStruct Manual [].

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Brussels, Belgium. Reporte del sismo ocurrido el a las In this regard, they seemingly perform like medium quality reinforced masonry structures, as it is commonly believed.

For each intensity measure, the probability of the structure reaching a damage level was taken as the fraction of analysis causing drifts that surpassed its limit state. Enlarge cover. Sign in. This was identified as the main potential risk driver in Costa Rica. Capacity curve for the precast concrete models and thresholds.


The highest concentration of risk indices are found on the Great Metropolitan Area. Vulnerability was achieved by the implementation of a damage-to-loss model, which was calibrated for Costa Rica by revision and analysis of resulting damage ratios.

Area distribution of the confined masonry building macro class. Learn more about the nominees. Barral Bello, Alfredo Director: The amount of events decreases significantly outside the Central Valley and rupture generation is much seldom along the Caribbean Coast.

This type of data can be used by emergency management and financial agencies to guide decision-making processes towards effective risk reduction. Absolute number of dwellings according to construction materials. The maximum interstorey drift on the structures was captured on each iteration and plotted against an increasing intensity measure level, as presented in Figure for the one-storey confined masonry building class.

Earthquake vulnerability maps like the one presented in Figure were produced for two MMI intensity scenarios. SeismoStruct User Manual [].


Estudio inicio en mayo. Model Implementation and Risk Assessment 4. This investigation focused on the development of models for the confined masonry and precast concrete classes.

Identified building classes. Even though the census registers the use of concrete masonry blocks as construction material for the individual house dwelling type, the use of an earthen floor is a poverty indicator that suggests low quality construction practices. Start your free trial. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors.

Instrucciones para John Howell

SeismoStruct User Manual [] Other important events like the and earthquakes reported collapsed buildings and deaths but no official economic losses, which seems to be an inconsistency in the records.

The chapter concludes with the analysis type, methodology and parameters used in the risk calculations for Costa Rica. Therefore, further classification of macro classes was achieved by differentiating buildings constructed before and after , in which the first have much less expected ductile behavior than the latter. Global Earthquake Model Foundation. Using a probabilistic approach, maps of iso-acceleration were created for return periods of 50, , and years for the national territory.

Several outputs are presented and discussed, like annual average loss ratios and annual average economic losses, which are presented disaggregated per building class and aggregated at a district and national scale. Consequence model for loss estimation Table Agosto, They are considered appropriate for risk assessment in Costa Rica under the assumption that the medium to low quality typologies are not significantly different from the ones found in the Andean countries.

Residential Capital Stock distribution for Costa Rica