Tech Tip Tuesday: Changing Out A Dirt Bike Tire The Easy Way

I have noticed that the knobs are getting rounded. If air bubbles consistently break and reform over one spot, you have an air leak.

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Joined Jan 4, Messages Likes 0. Remember when I told you to mark where your tightening blocks where? Ken-Tool 30" Curved Tire Iron. Works well! Inflate the new tube slowly at first. The second vid is from Puget Sound Safety and is titled " Changing a Motorcycle Tire on the Road" , which is slightly misleading because he actually changes the tire on a BMW F GS in his garage, but he does it without the aid of a tire changing stand and he goes over the process step by step as if he really were on the side of the road.

It made it easy to installed the new tires as well. If you are installing a new tire, check the instructions to orient the treads correctly. If stubborn, use some more Windex to help ease it on. Suzuki 2-Strokes. I did not complete this guide. About This Article. Adjust the chain as needed and go ride. Transmission question - newly rebuilt bottom end Latest: View the discussion thread.

Dirt Bike Tire Change Guide.

When to replace tires.......

Before trying these tools, I watched a lot you tube videos trying to understand their use. Skip to main content. I used these on a dirt bike tire when removing the tire I had enough leverage to get the tire off the rim.

Next Up. Then take the dirt bike tire iron and wedge it between the rim and tire. This is the toughest part to change a dirt bike tire. At the same time, push the valve stem back inside the wheel and in through the valve stem hole. The Achievable Dream Series has a tire changing DVD and in the video the tires don't come off or go back on easily, which is much better than showing an easy installation.

If you take small bites with the tire spoons, putting on the first side should be relatively easy. Take care not to grease the bolt threads or the head of the bolt. I completely agree with what you're saying. Motion Pro Tire Iron Set.

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Reach into the tire and grab hold of the inner tube. Return the tire under the wheel rim. Repeat around the edge of the tire on both sides. Some DR staffers use WD and similar penetrating lubes with no problem and claim such products actually stick the tire to the rim. Push the bolt of the rim lock to create space for the tire bead to fit between it and the wheel.