Men wake up, look in the mirror and feel perfectly confident talking about virtually anything because they can. For example, Jean Markale 's studies of Celtic societies show that the power of women was reflected not only in myth and legend but in legal codes pertaining to marriage, divorce, property ownership, and the right to rule.

The key to closing the gender gap? Putting more women in charge

An Applied Perspective Minneapolis: Challenge institutions that employ sexual objectification. Consejo Editorial, , as accessed Feb. Becoming Visible: Roth, eds. For example, dress codes and purity ideals. Biology as a ground for holding either males or females superior over the other has been criticized as invalid, such as by Andrea Dworkin [] and by Robin Morgan. Sanctifying Misandry: Tacitus claimed in his book Germania that in "the nations of the Sitones a woman is the ruling sex.

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10 Ways Society Can Close the Confidence Gap

Beacon Press. Taylor , p. A matriarchy is also sometimes called a gynarchy , a gynocracy , a gynecocracy , or a gynocentric society, although these terms do not definitionally emphasize motherhood. So if the proportion of women in leadership is growing too slowly, and these leadership positions are important for closing the overall economic opportunity gap, it is clear that we need to increase and accelerate female representation at the highest level.

Princeton University Press. Ross, make it especially challenging to complete forming the community.

The Serengeti lion: Journal of Contemporary Religion. This hypothesis was criticized by some authors such as Cynthia Eller in The Myth of Matriarchal Prehistory and remains as a largely unsolved question to this day.

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Achieving gender equality So if gender equality does not mean that males and females must be identical or always require the same treatment in order to achieve fairness, what does it mean?

We aren't dealing with how our systems endlessly reproduce this reality, especially when we tell women to adapt to male norms of expression and behavior in order to be successful. Scalingi, Paula Louise Facts matter. Notorious Victoria: Brammall, Kathryn M. Modern Library Random House , 1st ed. Farley, Tucker How the Liberals can fix their gender problem Most of the time, women and girls are at no inherent disadvantage due to a lack of ability that warrants differential treatment.