1883-1912 Liberty Head V Nickels

Grading Liberty Nickels

This coin is considered elusive and difficult to obtain. If the stars have good texture with minimal wear and tear, then your coin may be graded fine. Items Per Page: The Brooklyn Bridge was opened on May 24, Coin Menu. February was the best month in three years for the Rare Coin Values Index, leaping 6.

Sigel civil war token. The V-Nickel is also quite popular, with coins minted in San Francisco being desired by both dealers and collectors. Or Return to Log in.

Liberty Nickels - US Coin Prices and Values

There are a three key date Liberty Nickel coins worth collecting that will likely appear somewhere under the "Buy Coins on eBay" banner. Very Fine VF You can see what a difference condition makes to coin collectors. United States, Timeline: Normal round coin Metallic gray Letters: About CoinQuest. The pictures and descriptions below can be compared to your coins and then you can consult one of many coin price guides in estimating the value of your coins. Next Tip 3 of 5. Barber Diameter: Liberty will be well outlined, but worn flat.

Liberty Head Five Cents (1883-1913)

By having your V-Nickel graded by a professional numismatist you may be able to get a much better idea as to what dealers and collectors might be willing to pay for your coin. The rim should be full. If you are interested in bullion investments, we recommend our top 3 dealers.

But it's the coin's back story that adds to its cachet: These coins have not been minted since , and the older they get the more potentially valuable they may be. Plain Mint mark: