32 Weight-Loss Secrets from Real Women Who Completely Transformed Their Bodies

Shame on you all for judging these beautiful ladies so harshly. I also want to thank you for all you hard work! It can be so lonely. She could have picked someone who was beutiful in a more unconventional way — beautiful nonetheless. I am disappointed because you used models that fit the modern description beauty and in a way, reinforce the concept of having to be thin to be beautiful, even though it was not done purposefully.

Hey, Hun I understand what you were saying here, and I totally agree. You even mention about half way through your post that you are a huge advocate of loving your body and reaching potential regardless of size, etc. I measured myself every day and hoped to be a Bit smaller. Its extremely unfortunate that there is so much judgement among people.

She used 2 professional, not-unhealthy looking, gorgeous women she knew to do 1 photo shoot. Your gender: Age Any under 25 65 and over. It soon becomes a waste of money because I will not wear it. Only YOU say this! There is not many women or men that size here.

I am not small. Share Tweet Send Comment.

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Pant Size Any 0 Euro: I will never look like this as I do not have the same body structure, height, or same anything else for that matter as those women. I dropped the first 30 pounds by walking on the treadmill, but when my weight started to plateau, I knew I needed to up the intensity.

I mean…. Just wanted to point that out. I have been pounds, and very unhappy, both physically and mentally. If your diet is indeed healthy, and you are indeed active, theres not a single ligitimate reason not to be a healthy weight, unless having to hold your breath to tie your shoes is your hobby.

Thank you, Cassey. I may be a freak, but I think being happy is more appealing than being a size 2. I love that you reach out to everyone trying to better themselves. For your convenience the calculator converts pounds to kilos, inches to centimeters, and vice versa. I think people should just stop being so defensive and nip picking on every little aspects of points and opinions. Disculpenla por ser real a su modo. Bottom line, Cassie has always been an advocate for body positivity and self-love.

Must we judge someone so harshly who we should already understand? And I understand that, it was offensive for your friends and they attacked your efforts, enthusiasm and thrill on the whole production of BODYPOP… However, there are in between opinions. Meanwhile so many other sites do the same. You have solidarity from the blogilates community. This is problematic. It amuses me how some people here defend your choice of models by saying that obviously you had to hire professional models that get the work done much faster.

Tone down your portion sizes. However, this is most likely a minority of the overweight population. I was fit, healthy, toned… but in this society there will always be something wrong with you , but when I look back I now see how beautiful I looked and how jealous people probably were.