?Loss Leaders' Effectiveness: A Look at the Strategy's Pros and Cons

Example A white-goods manufacturer brings out a very basic washing machine at a low price where no profit is made.

Continue Reading. Skip to main content. Retrieved from http: Site Menu. In , American businessman Earl Muntz decided to sell blank tapes and VCRs as loss leaders to attract customers to his showroom, where he would then try to sell them highly profitable widescreen projection TV systems of his own design. The strategy is not without its critics, however.

Answering this question requires identifying loss leaders' pros and cons. Lawsuits alleging that some loss leader pricing strategies amount to illegal business practices have also increased, although plaintiffs have not always been victorious.

Loss leader

A retail store chain advertises a range of big brand goods at low prices for their main sales. Opponents of such pricing practices argue that the strategy is basically predatory in nature, designed to ultimately force competitors out of business. Lures Former Customers Back Loss leaders can attract former customers back. What about businesses that offer free services in return for data?

Fill out the below questionnaire to be connected with vendors that can help. Very similar trends have emerged in Europe as well, with a ban on loss lead pricing in Irish groceries being a case in point.

What Is a Loss Leader and How Does It Work?

Fourth Edition , Houghton Mifflin Company, But you do get the printer for almost nothing. Accessed 23 February To make sure it works for you, a couple of precautions are necessary:. Selling Products that Don't Appeal to the Market. Indeed, many states have passed laws that severely limit—or explicitly forbid—selling products below cost. Customers Know Better Not everyone buys the concept of loss leaders.

Loss Leader Pricing Strategy

The vendor expects that the typical customer will purchase other items at the same time as the loss leader and that the profit made on these items will be such that an overall profit is generated for the vendor. All prices are in AUD. Hamilton, David P. A loss leader is defined as any product or service offered at a significantly reduced price with the goal of bringing in more customers.

Loss Leader Strategy

For example, selling an online service at a discount to customers for the purpose of collecting data, and then selling that data to marketing firms for a profit. And the big paperback book. One use of a loss leader is to draw customers into a store where they are likely to buy other goods. In addition to working around MAP limitations, Trampedach strategizes the products his store offers at narrower profits.

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Sellers then include them in related items as bundled packages to get noticed by customers. Not offering them would leave a gap in the product offering.

The furor over the practice is not expected to subside any time soon, however, because many small businesses, with strong support in many state legislatures, have been economically damaged over the past several years by larger competitors willing to take losses or razor-thin profit margins on some products in order to expand their customer bases.

Or is there a more accurate example? The practice is most debated among retailers. A white-goods manufacturer brings out a very basic washing machine at a low price where no profit is made.