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I have had the same thing happen to me- when the tail of the ski is railed- so I knew that I must check the flatness of the skis in question. Add to watch list Watching.

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What does it feel like? In fact, the hole's so small that I didn't notice it until I unloaded the kayak from my car. Winter Sports Wax. You should smooth the edge, but remove the minimum material possible. Step 9. Need help? The problem will be esthetics; additional rod material will probably be required, and it will most likely be the base resin color instead of your hull color.

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You can also wrap sandpaper around a block and rub the area to flatten it completely. First though, you need to really be sure what your boat is made from. Sandy, Utah, United States. R [ , Optimal dosierbar. Team Jackets U14 and older.

Learning how to wax your skis is important. Edge is nice and black before filing.

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ZIP Code: My expereince has been that plastic welding will gain you at best another season of use. Black candles are for repairing black base graphics. Ergonomic side edge sharpener.

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I will add pictures to show you what it should look like. Just be as smart as you can about it. Detailed seller ratings. Top End Tuning Series 2: Welcome Letter. Cross-linked cannot be welded.

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Boat Related The Bilge. You can save time and money by buying it now. Condition is New. FAQ - Race Photos. Seriously, aren't there repair kits? International Priority Shipping.