No Spin Knife Throwing

Schrade as a company unfortunately went out of business in the s. Diet and Nutrition Fitness and Exercise Yoga. This was quick and dirty Contrary to popular belief, video games, Hollywood, anime, etc. Clicking on the above link will take you to an exhaustive page that showcases all the different Swiss Army knife models he Macgyver used through the series — in case you were wondering. More about this technique here.

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Some prefer to place the thumb along the top of handle, which slows rotation and lets you finesse throwing distance [sources: Also, I'd made a couple of Bo Shuriken spikes from 10" long punches. March 9, https: Now the question is, can you sling them? They are usually single-pointed, but there are some that are double-pointed. It does have its limitations but is quite versatile and easy to pick up.

The beautiful couple of silver-white no spin throwing knives below were constructed by Roy Hutchison, an inventor from London. They often have a hole in the center and possess a fairly thin blade sharpened only at the tip.

Consequently, its weight is towards the handle. For a blade throw, hold the blade edge-down, with the sharp part away from your palm. I uploaded a quick vid of it: With some practice, you'll be able to stick the knife in a suitably large target using this "surprise" throw.

Do note that, in reality, past 3. Whatever style you choose, remember: For those who actually want to learn and for simple shuriken enthusiast, it's a "historical recording" without exaggeration.

Share this: Find all posts by neoprimitive. The major forms of throw are the jiki da-ho direct hit method , and the han-ten da-ho turning hit method. Want to join? It is basically spear throwing so you need to get the knife behind your back, low like a baseball pitcher warm up and bring it forward with as much exaggerated extended arm as possible.