Howell H.S. Receives B+ In Ratings Of N.J.'s Best Public Schools

The Bureau on Labor Statistics BLS provides an alternative, more accurate measure of the unemployment rate at the municipal level.

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National Center for Education Statistics. This was an attempt to measure the same concept in a more refined manner to capture nuanced differences among the districts that would not be captured in the dichotomous variable. The district serves Municipality 1, but also receives students on a tuition basis from two other communities. Grad Year More importantly, it also provides information specifically for parents who have children enrolled in public schools.

In the event a district receives a large share of its students from another with substantially different demographics, then the receiving district may be classified in a lower or higher DFG class than is appropriate.

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In theory, these data should be useful in addressing the concern that was raised. Please wait, loading your map Choose columns to see: The process is discussed and the final decisions made are explained here. In fact, the PCA process will not produce just one principal component. In developing the methodology for assigning this status to school districts, it was determined that among other requirements the district had to be classified in one of the two lowest DFG categories.

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Adelphia Elementary School. As such, vocational districts will continue to not be included in the DFG calculations. Table 4 provides a hypothetical example of school district in which the students enrolled in its schools originate from three different municipalities. Greenville School KG-5 Students 4. Your Email: SchoolDigger data sources: In the absence of a more suitable data source, the Decennial Census data are used.

This may lead to a district being classified in an inappropriate DFG. Ramtown Elementary School. This appendix provides a more detailed explanation of the data problems encountered and how they were resolved. Title Minimum 3 words. Advanced placement AP is a program that offers high school students the ability to take college level courses and exams.

Errickson School KG-5 Students 5. Based on the NT prestige scores for the individual occupations and the numbers of people employed in each, there is no reason to believe that combining the two groups will bias the results.

The most recent DFG analysis noted that some unemployed individuals do not actually receive unemployment compensation. One could view this combination of the height and weight data as a more generic size measure. The New Jersey Department of Education bases its high school accountability rating on five key factors: There is one area, however, in which the DFG classifications have a more substantive impact on state aid.

Those in regular type and indented are the occupation groups and are placed under the appropriate occupation category. Each variable used is discussed below. In attempting to address this concern, one needs a data source that provides a broad range of data on demographic characteristics specifically for the students enrolled in public schools.