How different are Visa, AmEx, MasterCard and Discover?

During our usability testing, we often observe users placing the mouse cursor at every 4th character in their input i.

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Help people succeed Will you help your users succeed in their purchase, or rather make it really hard for them? I've even run into an issue where we couldn't put the word "BETA" next to a logo due to the card processor's terms. Our checkout usability research shows that it is difficult for users to enter their credit card information during the checkout process. This list is pretty much outdated, however.

Visa Electron 16 , , , , , , American Express 15 34, 37 China UnionPay 62 Pattern not known for digit cards. That's what the Luhn check is for. The bonus rewards points will show as redeemable within 1 — 2 billing periods after they are earned.

Compare Popular Online Brokers. That lets computers quickly check the card for fraud before submitting the transaction. Why do credit card forms ask for Visa, MasterCard, etc.?

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Sorry, but IMO it doesn't make much sense Look also for a phone number to call to verify information. Credit Visa Versus MasterCard: However, they don't tell you what happens if you don't. Share on: Balance transfers made within days qualify for the intro rates and fees. Eligibility is limited to citizens and permanent resident aliens of the U. You realize, of course, that it is impossible to make a chip-based payment merely by entering the number printed on the card, and so all of the material about chip-based payment is irrelevant to the question, right?

The ability to identify which bank issued a credit or debit card gives small business owners one more tool to protect themselves from fraud. A non-capturing group puts the anchors outside the alternation. American Express.

Any deviation from this layout will prevent them from endorsing or sometimes accepting payments from your application. Effective October 16, , Diners Club cards beginning with 30, 36, 38 or 39 have been processed by Discover Card. My Freedom starts with a different first 4 than my CSP. Region Rules". If you added this in your question, I wouldn't need to post this answer. Baymard Institute: Namespaces Article Talk.

I went with the answer I did because I addressed the question of why some sites ask for the card type. Take a look and tell me what you think. These regular expressions will easily catch numbers that are invalid because the customer entered too many or too few digits. If you have the customer's Visa-branded card in front of you, check for information about the issuing bank on the back of the card.